All About Me


Why is it so weird and difficult to try to describe yourself to other people?! You think you should probably know yourself better than anyone else does, but then you go to try and put it into words and you’re just like… “I’m 25, and I like to eat??” And while that does sum it up pretty well, I’ll attempt to give a slightly more thorough description.

I am a red headed, 25 year old, Jesus loving, wife to Craig and mama to Ezra Grey. I love humble, honest people. I love rich coffee and dark chocolate. My favorite colors are pale lavender and turquoise, but really I just love all color. I could sit and watch youtube videos or The Office marathons with my husband for hours and hours on end. I’m kind of a minimalist- simple things and clean lines are beautiful to me. Art and music are wonderful. So is food… All I ever wanted in life was to be a wife and mother and I wake up every day wondering why God gave me exactly what I always dreamed of. I’m so in love with both of those sweet, handsome boys He chose to give me. I genuinely love learning about health and how to take care of yourself and could talk about it for hours, hence this blog. I’ve always wanted to write a novel. I love deep, introspective people who are willing to be vulnerable. I just want to live a honest and meaningful life and help others realize their indescribable worth. To me, that includes realizing that your body is a priceless vessel that deserves to be treated with respect and it’s our responsibility to care for it the best we possibly can.