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  • Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy

    If there is a single most important time to care for our bodies, it’s during pregnancy! Not only is our own health being considered, but also that of that sweet growing baby! It’s also no secret that our bodies like to get a little unpredictable during pregnancy and tend to really crave or have insane […]

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  • Homemade Seasoning Recipes

    In almost every “simple” recipe you find on pinterest or basically anywhere you look, there is bound to be mention of some kind of seasoning or flavor packet. Especially when it comes to casseroles, dips, and most all Mexican foods. Things like taco seasoning, enchilada seasoning, grilling seasoning, ranch flavor packets and many more. These […]

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  • Peace OVER Coconuts

    I know that I created this blog with the intention of helping others become healthier through sharing my own experiences and what I’ve learned through all of the ups and downs of my journey. That is clearly incredibly important to me and I am so thankful for the amazing difference it has made in my life. […]