My Favorite Products for Healthy Hormones

One of the main reasons I started trying to become healthier was because I knew my hormones were totally out of control. When I started this journey I had NO CLUE the amount of hormone disrupting chemicals and ingredients all around me in every day life. Just google hormone or endocrine disrupters and you’ll probably be amazed at what you find. These disrupters (and sometimes even carcinogens!) consist of things like BPA, phthalates, parabens, mercury and SO many more chemicals found in every day items like deodorant, makeup, shampoo, plastic, metal cans, etc. As I discovered the kinds of things I was slathering on myself every single day, I slowly became less and less surprised at the hormonal problems I was facing.

I personally am so frustrated with the rise in hormonal and toxin related problems in our society. Breast cancer is rising rapidly, so many people are struggling with fertility problems, and some of these chemicals are even linked to neurological and immune disorders. No wonder so many people are struggling when these harmful chemicals are in an overabundance of the items we use!

It can become so disheartening when you start trying to weed out these chemicals. I suddenly felt like I needed to throw out everything I’d ever used and start from scratch, which was so overwhelming. This has definitely been a long and trying process with lots of product testing and some rough times of smelling horrible because I was trying out my 100th natural deodorant, or forcing myself to use a repulsive tasting natural toothpaste until the bottle was empty. But through it all I’ve found some wonderful substitutes that have not only helped my body to heal, but have made me so much more at peace with the products I’m using! I’m no longer terrified of what ingredients could potentially be lurking in them! So here are a few of my absolute favorites (I’ll probably do more detailed blog posts on each product in the future, but here are some ideas for now 🙂

  1. Primal Pit Paste – Ok, this sounds so insanely weird when you’re used to using stick deodorant, but this has been THE BEST natural deodorant I’ve found. It’s a little pot of deodorant that is like a “paste” that dissolves into your skin. Now they even offer it in a stick form as well in case you can’t get over the “paste” idea 🙂 It’s made of all natural ingredients like aluminum free baking soda, organic shea butter, and essential oils. It took me a few weeks to get used to it and for my body to adjust to this chemical free formula, but now I’m obsessed! See their products at


  1. Perfume – I could write a book on the amazingness of essential oils (and I probably will write plenty more blog posts!!) but for now it’ll have to suffice to just say that they make the best natural perfumes. Perfume is typically just a combination of either synthetic “scents” or some kind of essential oil scents mixed with an alcohol base. But the downside to many of these perfumes is that they include phthalates along with a myriad of other endocrine disruptors. So my new favorite perfume is simply a combination of my favorite Young Living essential oils with a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil. Plus the awesome part is that you can mix and match scents to decide exactly what your favorites are! It’s so fun to get creative and find something that is perfect for you 🙂 You can even find different recipes to get a very realistic scent with specific blends of top, middle and base notes like in an actual perfume. For example, a top note of Bergamot, mixed with Ylang Ylang as the middle note, and a base note of Cedarwood is wonderful! It gives that full, round scent of a store bought perfume. Plus just a few drops goes a LONG way, so if can end up being much more affordable than some of the insanely expensive perfumes on the market! If you’re interested in learning more about how and why I fell in love with these oils, or would like to purchase some of your own, check out this post here!


  1. Makeup – I love makeup, so this was a hard one for me. I tried so many natural make up brands that I just didn’t like, and I always resorted back to using the same old brands that were riddled with parabens. But finally someone recommended that I try 100% Pure brand makeup, and I’ve never looked back. This stuff is AMAZING. It is such high quality makeup that really works, plus it is made with ingredients like fruit, vegetables, rice, cocoa, and black tea! How incredible is that!?! I was completely ecstatic when I first read the ingredient lists, and now I’m a total fan. Check them out here!


There are SO many more things I could address, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I am so passionate about educating people on these kinds of issues because I know first hand how discouraging it can be when you just can’t figure out why you’re suffering. Of course I’m not trying to correlate all hormonal problems to these hormone disrupting chemicals, but we definitely need to be educated on the risks of using them. For me personally it has made a world of difference and I love knowing that I am so much more in control of what I’m putting in and on my body!

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