Cookie Crumbs and Sunflower Seeds

I’m all about transparency- and in all honesty, life can be crazy.. sometimes when I read other blogs I get the feeling that the author is sitting around in their high end silk pajamas with their coffee and pomegranates looking out of a big window while their perfect family laughs happily in the background. I know that that is completely unlikely and is probably not at all what they’re trying to portray, but in blog world it seems like everything is just a little too perfect. As I’m sure you well know, when you start comparing your life to others, it’s very easy to start feeling like you may not exactly measure up. But as I look around at the toys and crumbs scattered around the floor and watch my precious gift of a 17 month old boy kick things around, I can’t help but be incredibly relieved that I’m not attempting to be perceived perfectly. I fully and completely admit that I am far from it and I cherish the raw, complex authenticity of life as I know it.


In this normal, hectic, amazing life, I don’t exactly feel like I have the time to be constantly working on creating the next health food masterpiece. It’s nice to sometimes, ya know, actually be with your family instead of cooking, cleaning, or simply stressing about helping them be as healthy as possible! So along the way I’ve tried to simplify things for myself as much as possible with easy, healthy, quick ideas that make life a little bit easier. I always say that if a recipe has more like 5 or 6 ingredients, it’s probably too complicated for my taste!! So I wanted to share one of my favorite snacks that all three of us actually love. The first time Ezra tasted these he kept doing his little sign for “more” because he immediately fell in love. So healthy and salty and only 3 ingredients!!! Plus they’re small enough that I’m not worried about him choking on them! My kind of snack. Plus the best part is that they’re made with all natural ingredients and no hydrogenated oils. There are so many surprising ingredients in most store bought snacks now, but they’re just so dang convenient!! So that’s why quick and easy homemade snacks like this are a lifesaver for me!

Roasted Sunflower Seeds

1 1/2 cups raw sunflower seeds (with shells removed)
2 tsp coconut oil (refined if you don’t want the coconut flavor)
1/2 tsp raw or Himalayan sea salt (or more to taste)

Preheat the oven to 325 and spread the seeds on a baking sheet. Cook for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once they’re slightly browned, remove from the oven and immediately drop the spoonful of oil onto the pan and let it melt. Then sprinkle in the salt and stir it all together. Then simply let it cool and you’re done!

This stuff is seriously so good. We were a little doubtful when I first made it, but now it’s a staple. When we run out I know I’ve got to make some more! Ezra can’t get enough of them and always says “seeds!” when he’s craving them. Such a healthy, simple, and affordable snack that helps me out just a little when times are extra hectic. We all need those kinds of things in our lives 🙂

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